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IONITEC S.r.l. designs and produces drying systems for any type of material using highly innovative principles which guarantee efficiency, low energy consumption and safety.

The production of drying robots is the company’s chief activity. These high technology robots emit infra-red rays generated by catalysis which heat solely the area which needs to be dried. Although methane or propane gases are used, the chemical process is flame free, eliminating the risk of fire. Robots are safe, have low running costs, and are quick and easy to use.

Their major use is without doubt for paint drying, in particular for car body shops.

IONITEC S.r.l. also has consolidated experience in the design and production of ionizing systems and manufactures antistatic devices which eliminate surface electrical charges. Their major use is on surfaces to be treated where the presence of electrostatic charges may generate the attraction of undesired materials or electric charges in the air, which could cause sparks.

The Company




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